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Sunblocks - which one? Options · View
Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2014 10:06:36 PM

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I would appreciate some advise about sunblocks. I have sensitive skin and last summer got some sun burns on my forehead. The problem I am facing is that in Pharmacy they swear on Vichy and Roche-Posay but honestly I don't trust them anymore.

I am usually using 50+ sun protector plus hats but at some point last year got burned and now it freaks me out going on sun.

What are you using? Any advises how else to protect skin against hot sun during summertime?

Many thanks 3601
Posted: Monday, July 21, 2014 4:06:33 PM

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Two common mistakes that a lot of people make when using sunscreens is that they don't use enough cream or don't reapply it often enough. This is especially important if you swim or sweat a lot. If you're spending a whole day at the beach, you should be using almost a complete bottle of cream throughout the day.

Personally I use Neutrogena UltraSheer year round on my face, but that's usually when I'm just doing random daily activities (ie. going to work, groceries, hanging out in town, etc.). The SPF 30 cream does the trick for me and I only need to apply it once in the morning, though I use a generous amount.

I use a stronger sunscreen and reapply it every 2-3 hours if necessary when I have to stay outside for a longer period of time, but even then I try not to stay exposed to the sun for too long as my skin is extremely sensitive to sun rays.

Also, a lot of sunscreen ingredients actually degrade and become useless when exposed to the sun for too long, hence why you need to reapply your cream at least once every 2-3 hours. One ingredient that doesn't degrade rapidly and can be effective for much longer is zinc oxide, though very few products use it nowadays. A product that uses zinc oxide and that I've heard about is Blue Lizard, available on Amazon. I never tried it (though I might in the future), but it's rated as one of the most effective sunscreen by many experts.

Check it out if you're interested: Blue Lizard

You also should be using a cream that's at least SPF 30, though using a very high SPF is often pointless since as I've said the product will become ineffective rather rapidly anyway. An SPF 30 already diminishes the effect of sun rays by a factor of 30 to 1. For example, staying out in the sun for 2 hours (120 minutes) with a SPF 30 will have the same effect as being exposed to the sun for 4 minutes without a sunscreen (120/30=4).
Posted: Monday, July 21, 2014 4:42:38 PM

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I use Kiehl's Sunblock on my face - specifically this one: "Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50".

Here's the description:

Prevents 90% of skin aging. Oil-free & lightweight facial sunscreen.
Shake-shake away 90% of skin aging with this oil-free, lightweight facial sunscreen. Provides long lasting protection against damaging UVA and UVB rays, which can cause again, dark spots, freckles and skin darkening. Water-resistant and recommended for daily use after your moisturizer or under make-up application.

I can vouch for the fact that this is the MOST lightweight and non-greasy thing I've ever used... to the point that when you first try it, you'll be shocked that it's actually working because it doesn't feel anything like a regular 'cream', 'moisturizer' or 'sunscreen' - it's almost like liquid silk and it disappears into the skin almost immediately. If you use a moisturizer already, you can wear this on-top of it and not worry that it's going to make your face oily - and if you're out in public on on the beach, you can put this on and know that's soaked right in without adding any shine.

I've used the Neutrogena SP-60 Daily Facial Sunscreen as well. It's not bad - but Kiehl's is definitely much more lightweight and non-greasy - it depends on how much that matters to you and how much you think you'll be using it. Like Neutrogena would be fine for the beach but if you're at work, on a patio or a nice event or somewhere where you're wearing make-up etc and concerned about looking shiny, I would opt for Kiehl's.

I've also used a sunblock facial stick (Ombrelle and just regular 'Life' drugstore brand versions). They often recommend these for kids because they're easy to apply, but I like them too - especially for areas where you just want to spot-treat or for extra coverage (eg. the nose). They're easy to apply and basically like a big 'chapstick' for the face - the only negatives is that it's heavier on the skin and you can definitely feel it on - so I wouldn't use it as an all-over but some parts of my face burn/tan faster than others, so I like keeping it in my bag just for a quick swipe, especially if you're in the water or being active. I feel like it gives that extra level of coverage.

Posted: Monday, July 21, 2014 5:00:39 PM

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My wife fusses at me for buying store brand products. Actually store brands are made by the name brand manufactures who sell to retail chains in bulk, allowing for the reduced prices.

I use 100 SPF. I grew up in the deep south, on the lake, we had boat dock and a ski boat, plus a swimming pool in the back yard. So I lived out in the sun, now at age 28 I have already had two bouts with basil cell skin cancer.

Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 6:23:24 AM

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I appreciate responses, thank you guys!

I am usually very cautious and careful when it comes to my skin, but I think it happened during lunch time going and coming back to the car in Italy, temperatures were crazy.

I apply sunblock regularly, I can even feel it when I need new dosage of it, but apparently that was not enough for last year temperatures. I will try to find Kiehl's over here or at least something with similar product description. I am familiar with Neoutrogena, of course, but I cannot stand heaviness of it on me, that is one of the reasons why I wear so little or none make-up in general, it just bothers me and my skin.

Thanks Buz for the eye opener! Even though I know consequences of sun burns it never crossed my mind to see dermatologist about it. I will make appointment just to make sure that every thing is fine.

Again, thanks Hugs
Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 9:28:43 AM

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SereneProdigy wrote:

Personally I use Neutrogena UltraSheer year round on my face, but that's usually when I'm just doing random daily activities (ie. going to work, groceries, hanging out in town, etc.). The SPF 30 cream does the trick for me and I only need to apply it once in the morning, though I use a generous amount.

This is the one I use. It is very sheer.

I also believe that one must factor in where they are in the world. I think the sun is MUCH stronger in Georgia (where Buz is) than here in BC, Canada. When I have travelled to sunny destinations like Mexico, Bora Bora ..... I use the highest SPF I can find here, and then, I check out the sunscreen where ever I go, just in case I can find one higher there.

I don't wear a hat when I walk to work in the sunshine, because I get so damn hot .... but if I am out, say, at a patio for drinks/appys, out at the beach, or a leisurely activity, I usually have either my big brimmed straw hat or a pachmina with me.

And seeing your derma-doc once a year or so is a great idea. They can do a full body scan in less than 5 mins. They are experts in what to look for and if anything looks "funny/odd" they investigate.
Posted: Monday, August 25, 2014 9:33:19 AM

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I swear by this stuff!

Reapplying every hour works well for me; I still tan, but don't burn. And I hardly notice that I've got it on.x
Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:26:59 PM

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Sisley. It has the highest blockage. Skin cancer is no joke.
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