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Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 10:10:43 PM

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From Russia with lust: Tsar's erotic letters to young mistress auctioned

Luke Harding in Moscow
Wednesday May 16, 2007
The Guardian

They made up a secret French codeword for sex - bingerle. They were careful never to use their real names but signed off affectionately: "With you always".
And during more than a decade of furtive correspondence, Russia's Tsar Alexander II and his young mistress Ekaterina Dolgaroukaya wrote frankly of their desire for one another - and of the pleasures of past and future love-making.

Yesterday some 22 unpublished erotic letters written by the Tsar to the woman he simply called "Katia" - and by her to him - were auctioned in Paris. Christie's sold nine of the letters last night for €10,800 (£7,400).

The letters were among thousands exchanged by the pair, whose passionate affair began in the summer of 1866, when he was a 47-year-old emperor and she was an 18-year-old schoolgirl.
After four years of correspondence, the Tsar installed his young mistress in quarters close to St Petersburg's Winter Palace, with direct access to the imperial apartments through a secret staircase.

It was in this annexe, which they nicknamed "the nest", that Alexander II and Katia frequently embarked on what they referred to as "bingerle" - an activity that led Katia to bear the Tsar four children.

The enamoured pair often wrote to each other several times a day. They systematically numbered their love letters, signing off with the phrase: "With you always".

The letters were in French. But some sexual references were jotted down in Russian.

In 1871 Katia writes: "I saw in your eyes that you wanted to throw yourself at me to forget everything and enjoy our bingerle."

In another 28-page missive she reminds the Tsar that she is pregnant and urges him: "not to dare have any bad ideas and to remain untainted ... for I know you are capable in one moment when you want to make it (bingerle), to forget that you desire only me, and to go and make it (bingerle) with another woman."

The Tsar's 14-year affair with Katia was his last great passion. It followed his wife Empress Maria's decision to terminate sexual relations with her husband on the advice of doctors and following the birth of eight children.

The Tsar - who is better known for his enlightened reforms including the abolition of serfdom - married his mistress in 1880, less than a month after the Tsarina's death.

This morganatic union, however, proved short-lived: the following year a group of anarchists assassinated the Tsar when he stepped from his carriage, blowing off his legs.

Katia fled to Nice, taking their letters with her. The Russian government has already purchased more than 4,000 letters exchanged by the pair following a deal with the Rothschild family, Russian news agencies reported yesterday.

Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2007 12:27:01 AM

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I suppose any man in a position of power can find it easy to acquire a mistress (or even several.) The acquisition isn't confined to Tsars and Emperors and Kings, but to Presidents and heads of state.

Was it Queen Catherine the Great of Russia who had multiple lovers to comfort her? If it was I'm not sure if "the Great"referred to the numbers of lovers, or to her stamina in satisfying them all LOL

In the UK, the Press is always on the lookout for male Cabinet Ministers doing the naughty with their female (and sometimes male) assistants. So many of the idiots let themselves be found out by being indiscreet. Sex is normal. The need for sexual variety in men is well known. If ONLY they would keep it under the sheets so to speak, and not flop it out in public.

None of them even think of the mega-money that a mistress can sell her story for.

I can't BLAME anyone for falling into temptation, but it gets boring (dare I use that word in this context?) in the holier-than-thou media. I prefer erotica myself.

Now where was I ... oh yes "his hand slipped under the hem of her dress, caressing her silken inner thigh and ..." damn here's that blasted local news reporter again and I'm not dressed yet !!!!

Posted: Saturday, May 19, 2007 3:14:40 PM

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Yes, money and power (which seem to always go together by the way) brought the Tsar a mistress quite readily. However, please note the Tsarina had quit having sex with the Tsar on 'Doctors orders' after the birth of their eighth child. So...he was lucky. I imagine that there were more than a few men whose wife quit having sex with them and caused them to wish for 'other means' I know that thought has been in my head more or less for more than eight years now.

But...and this is a biggie at least to me...A husband and wife owe it to each other to try to work things out, and lacking that they need to remember the vows they took way back when. 'Better or worse'...'sickness and health', and all that. Though I know that I'm far from perfect, I would hope that I'd not give in to temptation and take on a mistress or cheat on my wife. I hope that I'd have the sense to know that things had changed to a point that I couldn't live with the way things were and I'd ask for a divorce.

Of course, that is my mind at present and I do know that temptation can be a thing that is hard to nail down. One time a person may not bite and the very next, things being slightly different perhaps, maybe a bad day or perhaps some other little thing happens and bingo...a person has become a cheater.

It appears to me that the Tsar loved his wife regardless, but sex became an important issue. He solved(?) the issue for the time being then life being what it is, when he finally had the chance to be with his mistress he got caught up in the backlash of power struggles. Too bad. I don't excuse what they did, but I understand perhaps, why at least, he did it.
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