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Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 3:48:23 PM

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Sounds like a good job to me!


THESE women get box loads of free porn, condoms and vibrators.

But they are not sex addicts, they’re making sure you have the time of your life in the bedroom.

Sliding open the package that’s just dropped through the letter box, Louise Sayers delves inside. There’s something in it she can’t wait to get her hands on.

‘Wow,’ she gasps, as her fingers grip a slender, smooth sex toy. ‘This is a beauty. It’s time to get to work.’

Louise is one of the lucky ladies who get to road-test sex products before they hit the shelves, checking they are enjoyable and orgasmic enough.

‘I wanted to expand my horizons,’ smiles Louise, 31, from Leicester. ‘And when I saw the advert for people to try sex toys for free, I leapt at the chance.’

Louise isn’t alone. Hundreds of women and their partners across the country have the pleasure of spicing up their sex life for the good of others.

‘I like to think Mick and I are helping other people,’ Louise says. ‘I can’t think of a better job.’


‘I watch porn while I iron’

Charlotte Rose, 34, from Brighton, reviews porn films.

For my job as a copywriter, I was used to writing about fashion and make-up for companies to use in their advertising material.

I enjoyed explaining about the latest trends and colours of lipstick, but then I was approached by Ann Summers to write reviews of erotic DVDs for its catalogues and website.

I always used to think porn was something sad old men used to get their kicks.

I’d only ever seen bits of old-fashioned movies, which were all lipgloss, 1970s furniture and terrible acting. I didn’t see how anyone could find that sexy.

It was more comical than anything. I wanted to see if there was anything else out there that could work for women.

When my first delivery of DVDs arrived, I was on my own. I drew the curtains in my living room and pressed play. The film had a storyline, was modern, realistic and very sexy.

My husband, Andy, 35, thought my new career was fantastic, and he’d offer to help me ‘review’ films over a bottle of wine.

We’ve always had a good sex life, but my new job gave it some extra zest.

While watching the films, I have to make notes. Is it a turn-on? Can it work for first-time porn watchers? Is it believable? Is there a storyline? Is it instructional? Are the men in it fit?

I’ve reviewed more than 100 porn films now, but the thrill has worn off a bit.

What I first found sexy and titillating, is now just part of my everyday life. These days, I usually stick them on and watch them while I’m doing the ironing.

And I do get porn fatigue. Sometimes, I just want to sit with a cuppa and watch Corrie, not romping naked bodies.

My friends think my job is a laugh and say it’s hilarious I get paid for doing it. I’ve found my niche and Andy certainly doesn’t mind me bringing my work home.

Louise ... sex toy tester


‘I hand out orgasm ratings’

Louise Sayers, 31, from Leicester, writes reviews of sex toys for websites with her fiancé, Mick.

My fiancé, Mick Brady, had been surfing the Internet when he came across an advert.

It was looking for women to write reviews of sex toys in return for free products.

‘I should apply,’ I thought. I’d never written a review before, but I had tried a few sex toys.

So I logged on to the site to register my details and a few days later, I was accepted. The first toy to arrive was a vibrator – Rocking Rabbit.

Mick, 29, and I played around with it together in bed and I kept a mental note of every sensation.

We both agreed sex was much better with it. The next day, I used the toy on my own, then I gave it an orgasm rating of 10 out of 10 and posted the review on the website. Lots of women said it was really helpful.

I was sent more toys to review, including the Ba Da Bing Ring – a vibrating penis ring for Mick – and an Inch Perfect vibrator.

Mick hadn’t tried many sex toys before, but he really liked me introducing them to the bedroom.

It gives me something to look forward to when I get home from my job as a fashion designer.

My reviews are now used to help customers on other sites and women contact me to ask extra questions.

I love being a real-life sexpert and whenever one of the plain packages drops through the letter box, we head straight to the bedroom.

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2007 7:04:51 PM

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Where do I apply?
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