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To Overhaul Or Not To Overhaul. That is the Question Options · View
Posted: Friday, November 02, 2012 8:49:37 PM

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To get myself motivated to get back to writing, I am going through some of what I have written previously and reading them through again. In the process, I am debating on whether or not certain pieces should be updated or otherwise overhauled before their stories continue.

However, I think I need help from any of you out there to determine what, if any needs changed. There are some that I know without a doubt will get overhauled, and those will be covered later. But right now, there are 2 stories in particular I am interested in continuing, The Paddled Princess, and its companion tale, Tiger Tiger Burning Bright.

So far, all I have reread is the first chapter of The Paddled Princess. And personally, I have only found one little minor bit that needs changed, the surname of Karma's partner. I have determined that the area of Lockke where Kata and Firefly hail from, households take on as their surname, the first name of whomever the head of that household is (except the head him or herself of course, in which case, their original childhood surname is kept.) In that chapter, I was reminded of this in the scene where Arlin is going through the identification process with Kata, Kata Narisk, daughter of Narisk Koriev. Before that, during the scene with Karma, she was identified as associated with a Shadowglider registered to a Firefly Hollebrange. Looking that one over, I realized that just didn't feel right to me, so the one and only change slated for this chapter will be to change Hollebrange to Hollybrand, which I am now declaring as the first name of his mother, who was head of their household back in Arborvale.

So anyway, if I haven't put anyone to sleep yet with this long drawn out yaddayaddayaddablahblahblah, if anyone else would care to reread the current installments of The Paddled Princess and Tiger Tiger Burning Bright (after the resubmission of Tiger Tiger gets approved, since it was too long previously), I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for any changes that they may benefit from, whether continuity errors that I overlooked, or changes to improve the pacing and flow. Once those are nailed down and these chapters can be declared truly complete, I will feel more comfortable pressing onward with The Paddled Princess Chapter 4: Breakfast at Tormanin's, and Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Chapter 2: The Appetizers.

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