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Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012 5:18:49 PM

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I was with my Master for a while and it ended up not working. I met Him here on Lush and I'm curious to know... Is it possible to have a virtual relationship and have it transfer in a real life relationship? I find it easier, to meet people here who share more of my interests, for example I can't go out and ask a guy if their into BDSM very easily. Should I just get out and meet people nonetheless?
Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012 6:37:51 PM

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It is possible to go from an online relationship to real life, however it takes a long time. You have to really KNOW a person before you should ever meet them - BDSM or not. And the only way to really know what a person is like is to take your time about it. Very very few people can keep up an act for long...sooner or later the real person will come out.
When you do meet that person for the first time, make sure it's in a public place and meet them more than once like that. Then perhaps if you are still interested you can slowly work towards that BDSM encounter.

But be careful...there are a lot of people out there that are not what they seem online. Think of it this way....if Mr. (Miss) Right was so wonderful, why are they on the Internet looking for you?

Play safe.
Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012 7:12:57 PM

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Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012 8:50:46 PM

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If you want to meet someone for an IRL relationship, I would see if there is a BDSM community of any sort where you live. Of course, it's rather easy for me to suggest that, since I live in the SF Bay Area, where alternative sexuality is almost expected. But I dare say that if you can find your way into one of America's 20 or 30 largest cities, you'll have no trouble finding a "munch."

A munch, if you're not aware of the term, is a meeting of BDSM folks in a vanilla setting. It's a place to meet like-minded people in a safe and non-sexual setting. From there, you can meet people and perhaps find out about local play parties or tutorials or discussions or what not.

From there, I dare say you should be on the road to the relationship you desire.

If you're looking to connect with your local community, there's a website I'd like to suggest, but I believe it's against the forum rules to link to other sites. It's initials are "FL". If you're interested, and don't recognize that cryptic reference, PM me and I'll fill in the blanks. It's not a big secret or anything, I just don't want to fall afoul of the rules here.

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