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Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 11:03:45 AM

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It seems as if your comfort zone is more comfortable and attracted to men not considered buff and I can relate to that, and don't find ''perfect'' men very attractive either, or at least a conventional idea of a guy that is so toned he loves his body more than mine.

I tend to be attracted to slimmer,arty talented thoughtful types, but the thing is, we look for certain traits that send tingles and thank goodness we all have different tingle-o-meters.
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 9:30:31 AM

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I'm normally browsing this site on a busted up phone so don't generally sign in or remember what my old username was. But this thread caught my eye.

Even though I'm male I've never particularly been attracted to movie/tv stars and always found girls much hotter in real life, maybe it's the interaction. Think that both personality and looks add up to attractiveness. I don't mean that I'm not shallow, just for example I find porn stars pretty hot, but prefer a good performance over good looks.

Agree with what people are saying about past experiences, if you meet two people who look similar your mind will link them together. So the good memories of one person can rub off on the other person. Got to feel sorry for anyone looking like Jimmy Saville right now.

Expect we've all met dogs that dislike men for example because they've been abused by men in the past, I think it's pretty inbuilt that people and animals will discriminate based on their past experiences. I think washboard abs are attractive to people due to some combination of :
1) interactions with guys with washboard abs
2) fashion/peer-pressure
3) intrinsic human nature

I suspect it's mostly fashion. Of course I've never had washboard abs :)

I myself am currently lusting after a woman double my age which has led to me enjoying mature stories and old lady porn. Probably makes me weird, but everyone's different.
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