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What is a more important factor for happiness: Sex or Money? Options · View
Posted: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 4:07:49 AM

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I have wondered about this many times.

Due to my strange life I have been to the high's and the low's.
I had money. Not that I was rich, but I earned a lot when I was the G.M. of a steel company,
blew it on the fun things in life with my friends, left that job because it was sucking up my whole being
and now I have a nice job that I love, making just enough money to get by.

My circle of friends include Junkies, Millionaires, Lawyers, Construction workers,
TV producers, Professors, Musicians, ex convicts etc.etc.etc.
And I think I finally figured it out, although I might be completely wrong :-)

I think that sex is the most important thing.
Out of personal experience I know that money means nothing in a relationship.

Most people fight... Hell, everybody in a relation fights at some point.
You can fight over doing the dishes and it blows up...
Point is that a fight ALWAYS has an underlying meaning.
It might start as a fight over dishes, but there is always more...

On the surface it might look hat those reasons involve money.
"We don't have to fight if we had money to buy a dishwasher"

But the truth is that, most likely, sex is involved.... somehow.
If the relation/sex is awesome then doing the dishes is not a big tour.
You do it... out of love... out of passion... out of whatever.

The owner of the steel company I managed is a good friend of mine.
He and his wife have EVERYTHING.
Couple of houses scattered over Europe, a luxurious sailing boat, a shitload of cars
and all the money to enjoy life.

But they divorced..... reason was that their was no passion anymore.
Both where tangled up in their lives that they forgot to take care of that part.

One of my best friends is unemployed. 48 years old and that makes it
( in our country ) impossible to find a job in these times.
His wife and him are happy.... their "romantic" life is strong and gives them
the power to deal with anything.

Money solves material issues, sex solves emotional issues.
Your emotional state of mind is more important than your material one.

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Posted: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 6:07:06 AM

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LIke the old adage says money can't buy happiness. Sex definitely makes me happy. But if you live in Hawaii you can buy sex with a pineapple and a twenty!!!!!
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