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Facts: Media lies about supplements. Options · View
Posted: Saturday, June 23, 2012 8:55:53 PM

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How do the major networks mislead you into buying things you normally wouldn't buy, or NOT buying things you would regularly buy?

Here's the link for info on how and when major network lied about the story.


I was plagued with allergies since I can remember. My parents did what they knew, they took me to a doctor. As an adult I did the same, just I went to an allergist (four of them). Two decades later, two operations, countless drugs, years of allergies shots, I was poorer in health (I had also developed asthma) as I was also financially than before while my doctors and the big pharma were a bit richer.

I knew that I had to look elsewhere from conventional "cures". I started to educate myself on supplements and on alternative cures. I really started to believe that the body was telling me that it could not work properly, this is why I was sick. Most importantly, I started to believe that if given the proper care the body (the immune system) could have fixed what was wrong; that's what it does 24h a day.. Had to be done before it could not fix it any longer.

I had Seborrheic dermatitis on my eyelids. It's a dry flaky itchy skin that does not grow properly as a result it's like a fish scale. I also had alopecia areata. It's a loss of hair in patches (mine) on the head. Doctors prescribed more drugs and I also got cortisone shots on my head for the later disorder. Given months, all worked and all came back!

Once I was in such a bad shape, my doctor gave me an injection and some pills to stabilize me and told me not to go home but to wait in a room, he would check me out here and there. The room was absolutely empty so, I started to read the info from my medication (hism*** something) one of the side effect was sudden death. When I inquired with the doctor he said "yeah but one in sooo many some"... but I'm one in millions of peoples!

A product from a homeopathic care resolved the problem without reoccurrence. Three supplements and two years took care of my allergies. Today I eat shellfish with no problem (my lips and tongue would swell, it was scary) and YES my asthma is practically disappeared. I do not take any drugs.

I had an infection, doctor prescribed (of course) antibiotics, I reached for colloidal silver and when I went back to the doctor, he said that I was OK, the "prescribed stuff" had worked great.

If you know what colloidal silver is and you have heard or seen the man that is now blue. That was another lie, the man was on a 4:00 talk show and others, and he was blue (argyria) and he will stay blue, and they said it was because of the colloidal silver that he ingested to cure himself. That is the truth, they only omitted a very tiny detail. He was making in his home.. his own colloidal silver. I wonder how much he was paid to omit that FACT.

Again , they work on fear. Check out the man and read the story here:


Drugs can save a human life, that is a truth... As a cure??

You have to take care of yourself. Diet, exercise, clear mind and giving the body extra help.

Choose n Practice Happiness

Life is simple; we are what we eat and what we read. Talk is superfluous.
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