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I'll Kiss U With My Juicy Lips Options · View
Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 7:22:08 PM

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Here's one of my humorous poems:

I’ll kiss you with my juicy lips
Devour you with my smacker
I’ll lick you downwards to your hips
If you’ll only pull my cracker
I’ll place my hands upon your buns
Caress your silky skin
I’ll tickle and squeeze your bag of plums
And stroke your giggling pin
I’ll fondle your flesh with my silky fingers
Explore your velvet chasm
I’ll slap your buttocks with my sexy swingers
And give you a frenzied spasm
Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 8:42:15 PM

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I'm not certain what the idea of this thread is meant to be but your poem gave me a chuckle, so I'll try to return it

I want to be fair
And you deserve an expanation;
You called my friend a lesbian bitch
Which had a bad connotation.

I want to be kind
I am not a hateful person;
So I packed your bag and suggest you leave
Or your countenance will surely worsen.

I want to be helpful
And since you must now start your journey;
One chore you need not worry about
I already called the attorney.

I want to be truthful
and have no misunderstanding;
I do not care where you eat or sleep
Or on whose couch you soon will be landing.

WHAT? You say I will want you back before long
I am a cunt with a constant itch.
Yes dear, you're right, but you must have forgot
My friend, the lesbian bitch.

If you ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it.................Frank Lloyd Wright

I always practice obedience, when it's in my best interest.
Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 12:09:36 AM

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Haha it made me chuckle as well and inspired me to write one,
I'm not sure on how I do with humor poems.

Your voice is coarse
I've heard nothing worse

My ears scream if they could
Even stuff themselves with wood

Why are you still talking
The pigeons soon to be flocking

Yes, a wild animal call
That's what it sounds like most of all

My eyes can't bare the sight
Their lids close with fright

My hands shelter my ears
You're a demon cast from my fears

The sound is fading away
Such a wonderful day

I can't believe,
My eyes better not deceive

There is pure silence now
Remind me to thank that running cow

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012 4:38:52 PM

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OK, I'll give it a shot as well

The time is right
It's almost night

You've begged for a week
Just take a peek

I finally said yes
Ok I guess

What harm could there be
With a little look-see?

But where will we go
For this little show

To your room you say
We'll just sneak away

So up the stairs one by one
No one sees that we've gone

You say take a glance
Then pull down your pants

Imagine my shock
At the size of your cock

It's really big you said
And my face turned so red

What you think is big
To me is a twig!

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