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What's your view on married men seeking casual sex? Options · View
Posted: Monday, June 25, 2012 6:25:46 AM

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Why don't you just ask your wife or pleasure your wife into more sexual encounters. Failing that go and visit the Massage palours lets face it, they're providing a service. No chance of the emotional hang ups that you run the risk with encountering a lover, Its all rosie til someone wants more than your willing to give then the shit hits the fan. I quite often tell my male friends to go use their services, no wine, dine, impressing the female needed here guys, pay and select off the menu and wellah your leaving a happier well relieved man. Keep it simple and good luck :)
Posted: Monday, June 25, 2012 10:02:09 AM

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this is just..my opinion...zero judging on people who cheat..ok...

having been married to a guy who never wanted sex

to me...marriage...is about sex..the love part..is sex...if i love a guy i so want to fuck his brains out 24/7

if i wanted a roomate i would get 1

if i wanted to fuck around i wouldnt get married....

from my experience of 16 years married

if the sex goes & it is not a health problem

the is some obscure way she is pissed at you(ie kids, house job moola)

or the sex before u got married was less than what you needed.

so i would get therapy...for unless she is cool with it..she will find out...she will & perhaps your marriage will be over

me i told him if he didnt have sex with me i would find someone else...& ..i did

there was zero lying....

if you tell the truth....about your sexual needs

in the end...you will get what you want w/o huritg anyone...

honor the vows you made..u owe her..that
Posted: Monday, June 25, 2012 1:29:10 PM

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Would I have a fling, was that the question?

When we say fling does that equate to an affair or relationship? That would not be something I would be likely do. Even though we know that there is something wrong in the marriage.

If we are talking about a one night stand with a guy I have not seen before and most likely will never see again. Guilty I fear.

Sex and Love are two different subjects. binky
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