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Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 2:14:31 PM

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The following is from one of my favourite books (You don't have to diet - Tom Sanders & Peter Bazalgette):

“Imagine for a moment that some scientist claimed that we breathe too much and that we should all hold our breath to lower our blood pressure. Imagine that this point of view was taken up enthusiastically by the media, who encouraged us to breathe less and develop blue complexions. Suppose that blue complexions then became fashionable – fashion models almost stopped breathing altogether and the rest of us, women in particular, tried to do the same.

The trend would spread rapidly. Soon women would be attending ‘BreathWatchers’, and teenagers would be trying to suffocate themselves in their bedrooms. Other guilty people, despite their desperate desire to be blue, would indulge in breathing ‘binges’ and lose all grip of their self-control inevitably racketeers would move in with magical pills that would reduce your appetite for air, cans of ‘lite’ air for ‘that blue look’, exercises to take away our cravings for oxygen and tight bands to wear round the chest to restrict the size of our inhalations.

Breath Control would soon grow into a billion-dollar industry. Women who have achieved really blue complexions would boast, ‘I feel like a new person,’ and gain in self-confidence as they were showered with compliments. No longer would they be ashamed of an ugly pink complexion. Men would then find them attractive because they’d resemble the sensuous blue-skinned models appearing in girly and fashion magazines.

All a joke? Yes, but a serious joke. Once you replace breathing with eating you have a perfect description of our society. We have reached a stage at which a perfectly normal function – a highly pleasurable one, too – gives rise to mass neurosis. Eating is something to feel guilty about and it has become normal to be ‘on a diet’.”

Diets never work. It is all about a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle for life.
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