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Question for readers of Gay Male and Bisexual categories Options · View
Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011 6:48:38 AM

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I'm challenging myself to write in some of the categories I've never tried before by attempting a story about two straight couples where the two men are also in a relationship together. Much of what I'm writing (if not all) is outside my own personal experience, but trying to put yourself in other people's shoes is what writers do.

I have a question regarding how to categorise the story.

There will be three parts to the story, part 1 will be in the voyeur category, and part 3 will be group sex. Part 2 involves sex between the two guys only. I am unsure whether to categorise it as Gay Male based on the events in the story, or Bisexual, on the basis that the characters also have relationships with women.

Does anyone have any comments or opinions on the matter?


Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011 12:07:37 PM

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Bi-sexual would be my vote.
Posted: Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:26:12 AM

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You should use the most appropriate category for each part of the story.

Lilmissstickykiss - your avatar reminds me of this rather wierd fetish / porn genre...

Posted: Friday, October 14, 2011 11:56:40 PM

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I think, even if the 'action' in a story is of one type, while the characters may not be limited to that particular type of activity or orientation, the author can choose to treat either the particular actions in a story which is an episode of a larger series as the main determinant of categorization, or the orientations of the characters, themselves (and therefore representing, more or less, the overall actions in the series) as the main determinant. After all, given the above example, there are likely to be significant differences in the characters, thoughts, actions, feelings, etc. in an episode where either the men or women interact only with each other than there would in a story where two 'unattached' individuals of more or less completely homosexual orientation interacting with each other. That fact needs to be taken into account in the category selection.
Posted: Saturday, October 15, 2011 7:34:49 AM

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From the sounds of it, I would probably say Bisexual. However, some points to consider:

- Do you think of the male characters as identifying as homosexual or bisexual? I assume the latter if the third part is Group Sex. This doesn't, in itself, decide the category (I'm planning a Gay Male story where the main character is probably no more than a little curious) but if you were viewing it as these men finally embracing their homosexuality and beginning this new chapter of their life, then probably put it in Gay Male.

- How much of a part do the marriages play in your story? If these relationship feature heavily, then Bisexual would probably feel more right. If it were just mentioned in passing that these two men were married and then you plunge right into some hot and heavy man-sex, then put it in Gay Male.

- What readership does it appeal to? Most regular readers of one of these categories don't necessarily read much of the other. From what you've told us, your story would probably appeal more to readers of Bisexual stories, especially where they might be a little curious themselves. You are the best judge of that, of course.

Tags (although I'm not a huge fan, in general) can play an important role in situations such as this.

Good luck with the stories. I'm giving myself similar challenges (when I get the time). I'll try to give them a read when they get published.

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