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Need some help with my girl Options · View
Posted: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 9:17:33 AM

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Hey Everyone,

First let me Introduce myself. Im french, pretty cool and a gentleman (i think). Well, im in a serious relationship with a North American girl and things are going pretty good. But i need some advice from you, given the difference in culture. Thanks in advance.

Firstly, My girlfriend is really in love (me too, by the way) but she seems to do everything for me. Not bad if you ask me but here's my problem. I don't like when she focuses on me more than she does on herself. For instance, she dresses really sexy just to show me her body but she told one of her friend that she hates sexy outfit. To be honest i hate them myself. Im like a kid on a xmas day with my woman. I rather she dresses the way she likes, even if it means hiding under a lot of clothes, so that i can unwrap her myself.

Secondly, she gets excited very easily and during sex its not that fun for me. She gets so wet than i sometimes can't feel her.

Thirdly, She doesn't want me to use condoms. She loves it when i cum in her. But right now, the chance of her getting pregnant is not an option. I stop using condom but shoot outside of her, which makes her sad most of the times.

Finally, thanks for reading this and helping me.
Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 8:53:41 AM

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I think she's just really into you and thinks by agreeing with you on everything and indulging you in every way that you will see her in a more positive light - ie. the ultimate girlfriend.

Some women forget that being independent and your own person and even being a bit of a challenge is way sexier (to most men anyway).

You should talk to her about it. Tell her that you were attracted to her because of who she was when you first met her and you don't like the idea of her trying to change anything, thinking that it would please you more, because it doesn't.

Re the condom thing. She needs to get on the pill or an IUD. Don't take those chances if you're not prepared for the outcome. And make sure she's also serious about not getting pregnant, or honestly, I'd say tread lightly or stick with condoms to be sure.

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