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Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2012 9:54:18 AM

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my wife and I have a very good sex life.
In addition to "normal sex" she uses a strapon on me about once a week.
If anyone has seen my prior posts, we also enjoy snowballing my come.

I have a bicuriosity that is limited to cock infatuation. I just don't have any attraction towards men.
I watch my wife suck me and can't avoid wondering what it would taste and feel like in my mouth.
I am very oral to my wife, maybe it is an oral thing?

my wife and I talk quite a bit during sex.
she was giving my oral recently and I was telling her how good it feels.
she was really into it that night. She then asked "if I could suck my own cock, would I?"
I was in shock....I've never told anyone I have a bit of bicuriosity...here she is asking me.
it was so unexpected..what do I say?? I've read that some relationships end when a man admits his bicuriosity.
I've always wondered if I should bring it up or not.
Before I could answer her, she said "she would lick her own pussy if she could"
I was again in shock, she doesn't like girl on girl porn.
she said she likes the taste of her pussy. She would lick it if she could.
So, she again asked me if I would suck my own cock?
I replied "well yes I guess I would, only if you showed me".
she must have liked the answer...she really got vigorous with her sucking and I blew within seconds.

Now I don't know where to go with this now.
we've had sex since then and this hasn't been brought up again.

I am not interested in sharing my wife with another man.
but, I think now may be the best time to at least start discussing it more openly??

Advise needed desparately!!

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2012 10:41:42 AM

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It seems to me the both of you have a rather open mind towards sex as it is already.
I don't see the harm in taking this up with her aswell.
If it's something she's not comfortable with you exploring further, things will (hopefully) just be the same as before.
The sex talk in bed might be even more exciting when she knows more things that triggers you.

Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012 7:59:40 AM

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Speaking as another man with the same desire and situation except we have not openly talked about it. She has a dildo and she loves to see me suck it after she has had it in her pussy and had an orgasm. She loves to lick and suck it as well to taste her juices and she really seems to get off on watching me suckit. I do play if off sometimes asking her to stick it back into her pussy so I can taste her some more.

I however am curious and have fantasized about sharing my wife, not sure if it will happen and while I know while it's happening I would be very excited and horny I'm not sure how my emotions will be after I have shared her and especially if she likes it and wants more guys and we end up not having as much sex because of her desire for other men.

Back to your orginal cry of help. I would go for it and discuss it more with her and see what happens. But be sure to set up the ground rules. You will only do this, she will only do this. If one side doesn't feel comfortable then it stops. But as for me I would jump at the chance to explore new things with my wife. But I have a fantasy of my wife watching me suck a mans cock and I'd love to watch my wife lick a womens pussy. I have in fact told my wife I would love to watch my wife with another women and I will not participate, other than stroke my cock.
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