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Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2012 12:14:04 PM

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Have you ever had sex with someone because you really felt bad for them in some way?
How did it happen and did it make you feel good after doing it?
Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2012 1:26:58 PM

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I have, in college my Senior year there was a freshman jock. Great defenseive back and highly recruited. He as 18 and had not yet be able to close the deal with his first girl. Well you know what a batch of shit he would get from any bunch or young guys, and especially Jocks.

The first slow dance I did not ask him, I just pulled him out on the dance floor and was all over him so everyone would see. We left together and I placed his hand on my ass so no one could miss it.

He shot is first load of cum almost before he was in me. The second time he was some better the next time he was not half bad. But then the sun was coming up.

He is married now and a high school coach in MI, with wife and family. I get a Christmas card every year all it says is "Thank You for what you did." But I know who it is from

I guess I did good and that the other Jocks got off his case.
Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2012 2:00:14 PM

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yes, there was was this scrawny kid sophmore year of high school. he wasn't very attractive, or all that smart, and he was a virgin.

i heard this one guy making fun of him as i walking across the street after school.

when the kid making fun of him saw me, he instantly starting flirting with me. now he was hot, and if he wasn't such an ass, probably would have fucked him.

but instead, i walked over to the kid he was making of, kissed him and grabbed his hand and continued walking home.

i gave him a blow job and let him eat me out before i pushed him on the bed and rode him.

he wasn't amazing sex or anything, but i think he felt pretty good about himself.
Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2012 3:24:36 PM

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I once had "pity sex" with a ex-girlfriend after we broke up. I recently moved out and I had stopped by to pick up the last of my belongings. She was watching me pack and we were talking about remaining cordial and friendly since we were going to live in the same small college town and all. She eventually asked if I was even attracted to her anymore. I treaded lightly. I had already notice she wasn't wearing a bra under her tank top. I said yes, of course, but with more hesitation in my voice than I intended. Frustrated at the question, I brushed her off and asked that she let me just finish what I had come over to do. She retreated into her room and shut the door. I finished loading the rest of my stuff and returned to her room. I pushed the door open to see her lying face down on her bed, apparently emotional waiting silently for me to leave. I stood at the door for a few seconds and admired her "one last time," taking in a parting shot of her tanned legs and red hair splayed across her bare shoulders and lavender sheets. Without a word I approached her from behind, crawled between her legs and began aggressively kissing her neck and back while man handling her body and pulling at her clothing. She pressed her ass against my hardening cock as I tugged her shorts down, panties and all. She began reaching up to clutch her breasts. I could see her cleavage gathered under her shirt and it drove me wild. I was tempted to keep her shirt on, but I wanted her naked. I wanted her to feel wanted, but I needed her to know that this was going to change things between us. I think that's why I continued getting more aggressive, and more forceful with my movements. I flipped her over and ripped some stitches while removing her shirt. With her naked beneath me, I devoured her body with all of clothes still on. I quickly kissed down her neck, her breasts, each nipple, then nibbled downward to meet her heat between her thighs. I licked and sucked and drank of her while cupping her ass and quickly coaxing orgasm from her. A brief moment of indecision followed while I wrestled with regret and restraint, wondering if I should wrap things up or tend to my raging hard-on. She quickly got up and began tugging at my belt. I almost spoke up to ask her to stop, but I was both extremely aroused and concerned that stopping her now would just make things worse. This is why I considered this pity sex. I gave in to her advances and allowed her to take me in her mouth. I consciously kept my hands to myself. No loving touches, no gentle guidance to the rhythm I request, no encouraging moans. She filled the room with sounds of her sucking and slurping while her hand spread saliva across my cock and balls. I quickly realized that I wasn't likely to cum like this. I wanted her face down and ass up for this "good bye," so I touched her face and guided her away, then I rolled her to her tummy. She spread eagerly for me and I entered her with a quick and deep movement. The wetness left the sheets damp and added to the slaps of our bodies colliding. I worked up a rhythm I could sustain long enough make her come again. She always enjoyed squeezing tightly from this position, and she knew it drove me wild. I held off to the best of my abilities until I felt her body tense in anticipation. When the wave of orgasm overtook her body I released deep inside her and pulled her firmly against me before collapsing down onto her. My cock remained snug inside her while we caught our breath. My hardness subsided and I slowly but surely withdrew from her. It was tough not be sentimental in this closing moment. I think we both may have cried a bit, but we exchanged no words. After a brief nap, I arose and explained I need to meet my landlord, but that I would be seeing her later that night at a friend's party. I left very unsure about things. Was it fair for her to ask if I was still attracted to her? Was it fair for me to have gone through with the sex? While a part of me insisted on believing that it was something she needed, I think I know it was somewhat selfish of me.
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