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Online privacy - revealed... good thing or really bad thing? Options · View
Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 8:26:57 AM

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Personally, I'm all for what this woman has done. More power to her. If we are being stalked online (anywhere) and our stalker has revealed his or her identity to us. Well, I for one will not hesitate to confront that person or...involve the authorities of the proper jurisdiction. I've experienced similar shit in my past from men & women, making unwanted advances...across the internet and across phone lines (in the 1980s). Fck a bunch of that noise, imo.

Facebook Fight in Germany Leads to Battle Over Privacy

BERLIN — Ariane Friedrich, a German Olympic high-jump hopeful, knows how to pull a tough face, a gun and, it seems, a fast one on a fan who sent her an obscene message over Facebook.

Ms. Friedrich, a police officer by training, publicly rejected a sexually explicit overture from a fan on her Facebook wall, in which she named the sender and gave the city where he lives. She also warned that she had filed a complaint with the police.

“There is simply a point where enough is enough,” Ms. Friedrich wrote in German on Saturday in response to the flood of comments her post had generated. “It’s time to act, it’s time to defend myself. And that is what I am doing. Nothing more and nothing less.”

Your thoughts?

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Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 8:45:16 AM

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If this guy was persistently harassing her then yeah, that was a great reactive move by her. Definitely to be applauded.

If it was a fan that was sending her one or two dirty messages then I think it was a bit of overkill. Like one thing people in the public eye have to remember is that they're going to have fans, and some of these fans aren't particularly bright or socially savvy and some are total pervs that are crushing on them big time. It's best to learn to just shrug off dumb 'explicit' fan-mail. It's pretty easy to just hit delete and not get bent out of shape about it. I mean imagine the creepy stuff celebs get on a daily basis. They just have to learn to differentiate between the 'misguided pervs' and legitimate scary stalkers.

If the guy was harassing her on a more serious level or being overly persistent about trying to get in touch with her, then for sure - she's well within her right to publicly embarrass him.

Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 9:23:34 AM

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One thing is what he said, but another thing is what did she do? If he just sent her more or less love letters and maybe even more intimate ones and she never responded to them then it's a 50-50 chance for the guy to give up or become more persistant. If she first told him kindly that she wasn't interested and he continued and she kept telling him to fuck off then I don't blame her for doing so. But if this was just one single loveletter the woman needs to go out and take a few jumps and cool off before logging back into facebook. It's hard to say anything definete about it because there are factors missing

1) What kind of message(s) did he write?
2) How many did he send?
3) How often did he send them if he sent more than one?
4) Did she reply, and if so what was in her reply? Know that guys can sometimes struggle to understand what's being said unless you give it to them straight.

tl;dr: No opinion, too many facts missing.
Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 9:34:59 AM

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I think that for a guy to send unsolicited pictures of his genitals to a woman he doesn't even know is certainly in the creepy school of behavior, not to mention the WTF school of thought. Did he think this was sexy or some weird foreplay that would excite her? Seriously? Men or women, for that matter, that continue sending pics or "sexy" emails when they are not asked for or replied to are stalkers, pure and simple and really need to check their "social skills". Obsessive behavior like this -- let's not call it unrequited love -- can presage violence, rape, or simply just "really sad individual". Unfortunately, you can't swear out a restraining order (I don't think), so I-net "exposure" was her best recourse and not unheard of before this example.

That said, she's a hella good-looking woman.
Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 8:28:07 PM

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Good on her. So I guess I should watch it next time I send a FB message noting how I want to slap a woman's face with my cock? I mean common, it was only once, and I was just kidding (wink). Sisters, I guess, are doing it for themselves.
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