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Posted: Saturday, April 07, 2012 12:24:17 PM

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Hey folks, ive got a story idea, but im not much of a wordsmith... was wondering if anyone could convert this into a story...

Ive got a female friend, shes a bartender, thats how we met, weve known each other for about 10 years and have done everything together, parties, movies, dinners, sporting events, etc... All of are friends thought we would make a great couple and we have been mistaken for a couple, but she wouldnt have any of that, she didnt want anything to do with me romantically. She would set me up with girls and do what she could to ruin that relationship, it was like "she didnt want me, and didnt want anyone else to". After I had gotten into a serious relationship I had to end our friendship because of her jealousy. About a year later I get a call from her and she invites me to dinner, I arrive, she feeds me, then she tells me shes engaged, I congratulate her and start small talk for awhile. Then she tells about the sexual tension shes felt between us in the past and tells me "I want to see what ive missed in the past before I get married." I then lean in to kiss her and she stops me and grabs my pecker and says "This what I want, thats it", good enough for me, I stand her up walk her over to the couch bend her over it, raise her skirt, drop her panties and proceed to eat her out from pussy to asshole, when im hard enough to penetrate, I fuck her for all im worth and I unload in her with a massive load, she still lays over the couch and move to sit on the couch to recover, after a minute or so she comes around to face me just looking at me. She then straddles me and begins to kiss me very passionately, grinding herself onto my cock to bring it back to life, i remove her top and start sucking on her tiny tits and begin to fuck and the couch again, thats when i find out shes a squirter and we make a mess all over then couch.... we are both married and still continue to fuck. We have taken our selves to limits that we wouldnt with our current spouses... i can give more if needed...
about me 5'8", 220 pounds(still fit, but without my former routine ive gained a few extra pounds), 6" penis with a little extra girth.... her 5' 125 pounds, a cups and curvy ass and a pretty pussy
Posted: Saturday, April 07, 2012 12:54:44 PM

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CrazyBadger wrote:
Hey folks, ive got a story idea, but im not much of a wordsmith... was wondering if anyone could convert this into a story...

I'll take a stab at it. How about this for a title? Please feel free to make any suggestions or edits.

Me and My Crazy Fucked up Imaginary Girlfriend

So far, that's as far as I have gotten...I'm sorta stuck with writer's block at the moment, but I'm thinking Reluctance category.

Obscenity is the last refuge of an inarticulate motherfucker.
Posted: Monday, April 23, 2012 11:43:50 AM

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its a great idea and if someone does end up writing it i would definitely enjoy reading it
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