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Peeing on toilet seats? Options · View
Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 4:44:37 PM

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Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011 9:24:15 AM

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Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011 9:52:46 AM

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that might not help sometimes

Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 1:48:21 PM

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I know I'm the wrong sex, but this has always been a pet peeve of mine. Especially having kids and needing to use public restroom when out.
I have 2 questions; #1) as humans, seems we would ALL "Like" a clean restroom to use....why doesn't that thought occur to those who pig it up? Doesn't it seem obvious, that if the person before them would have had the consideration to pee like they would at home, they might not have to "squat"? (referring to women of course) and if they could use the toilet properly then the NEXT person could too? Seems so obvious. My wife doesn't need to squat when at friends or relatives! Why not?
#2)) Men...When there are 6 OPEN urinals, and all you hve to do is pee, why would you go into a sit down stall, stand up, and urinate! WITHOUT EVEN LIFTING THE SEAT!!? My kid might need to poop there later, and I don't want to clean up after you before he can!!! Wouldn't you want the same courtesy? dontknow I just don't get the "it's not my toilet -I can use it like an animal" mindset. Wow I feel better getting that off my chest! Explanations appreciated if anyone has one.
Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2011 4:19:19 AM

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I hate public toilets- yuk. if there's wee on the seat, i'd rather piss myself than clean it up myself or sitting on it. *shudders*

Men and women both sit down for number two
Women sit down to pee
men stand up to pee- - - - so my point is. If the toilet seat is down 3 quarters of the time. It should stayyy down.
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