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Poaching of Animals for Traditional Chinese Medicine Options · View
Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 8:33:27 PM

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This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

As much as we all need to respect the cultures of the world, it really pisses me off to see endangered species continually poached to feed the superstitious, unfounded beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine.

I can understand some poor villager poaching a tiger or gorilla in order to feed his family for a year, but this irrational belief system that creates a market for such things is completely ridiculous.

And please don't give me that line of bullshit about "they've been using powdered rhino horn for thousands of years...".

It's been useless for thousands of years, and will continue to be useless until there are no more rhinos left to slaughter.

News flash! Tiger penis will not give you a better hard-on!

Money spent by international organizations to decrease poaching would be better spent on dispelling these stone age myths and educating people (even if it it means insulting traditional culture by suggesting that bear gall bladders might not...be a panacea for every fucking disease known to man).

Now I'm not a "tree-hugger" by any means, but when animals are being killed off for no better reason than to perpetuate irrational beliefs and superstitious fallacies, you have to ask yourself...why?
Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 6:01:35 AM

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DamonX wrote:

And please don't give me that line of bullshit about "they've been using powdered rhino horn for thousands of years...".

Some areas of Africa have used children's body parts in their traditional medicine for thousands of years, that doesn't make it okay.

I worked at a turtle centre in Costa Rica and people would poach turtle eggs because they were thought to be aphrodisiacs. It's not just Chinese Medicine..

I understand that a lot of areas aren't educated enough to understand why they shouldn't use it. Part of what we had to do in Costa Rica was hold classes for the community about conservation...
Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 4:37:00 PM

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Timely post Damon, this news story was just released today.


JOHANNESBURG — South African police said Wednesday that they have arrested 11 suspected members of a major rhino poaching ring which they said had been linked to many rhino poaching incidents.
Police spokesman Vish Naidoo said the suspects include two veterinarians and a game farmer. He says the 10 were arrested earlier this week and one was arrested Wednesday after he appeared in court to support the accused.
Game farmer Dawie Groenewald was released on 1 million bail ($140,000), which is believed to be the heaviest in the crime's history. The remaining 10 were released on bail ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 rand ($700 to $14,000).
Prosecution spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga said they face charges including assault, defeating the ends of justice, fraud, corruption, malicious injury to property and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.
Naidoo said 204 rhinos were killed this year alone in South Africa.
According to the World Wildlife Fund, rhino poaching has increased dramatically in the last two years due to high demand for rhino horn in Asia, where it is used for medicinal purposes.
South Africa, which hosts more than 90 percent of the world's rhino population, has been losing some 20 rhinos per month. Africa has lost 600 rhinos through poaching in the last four years.
"The poaching trend is extremely worrying," said Dr Joseph Okori, head of WWF's Africa Rhino Program. "If it is not stopped, the rhino conservation wins of the last decade will be in jeopardy."
Both the African rhino and its endangered cousin, the black rhino, are targets of the illegal trade.

Rhino Poachers

I agree that other cultures have an effect on endangered species, but the demand is predominantly coming from Asian countries. With increasingly rich Asian markets, demand for rhino horn, among other endangered species parts, has been booming. The latest reputation of rhino horn is that it's an aphrodisiac and a cancer remedy, so prices have skyrockets to $55,700 per kg of horn. Poachers can make a nice profit where the latest trend is to down them with a tranquilizer dart and the saw off the horn with a chainsaw, leaving the animal to bleed to death. As seen in the case that just broke today, it's a nice chunk of change for veterinarians now too, if they want to get involved. It's completely reprehensible. All for beliefs based on ridiculous village folk-lore. There are educated people who are buying these cultural "medicine miracles" as well... that's the part I still don't understand.

Until there is an Asian recession, it seems no rhino will be safe. confused1

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