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Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:23:40 AM

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Fair Game

Why do they all think when you left I am fair game.
Like they think my feelings for you just aren’t the same.

Just because you are gone doesn’t mean you still don’t own my heart.
There is a big piece of it that is all yours yes you totally own that part.

Because when I say “always” to me it means forever.
And I know I will never find anyone any better.

You would think it is open hunting season on rabbits.
Like at this point in my life I would change all my habits? (NOT)

I’ve been accused of playing emotional games.
But I really think most of the accusers are insane.

I’m always honest and straight up front.
But I can’t figure out what these guys want.

I’m a married woman and will never be exclusive with any one.
My husband is the only one that really owns me but he lets me have fun.

Why is it that none of these men can ever see?
That although there is more than one, they all mean so much to me.

You would think that because we are only online.
There would not be so much confusion in their minds.

But I suppose lust can make you do lots of crazy things.
Because I’m a married girl there will never be any strings.

Yes we can love and be very close.
I will have only a few that I like the most.

I will play with many but only those special few.
Will receive my favors and make my lust brew.

I really wish they would learn to appreciate.
That being one of my favorites is really a pleasant fate.

That there is no competition between my favs.
So please settle down and try to behave!

I am a free spirit that can never ever be tamed.
Try to cage me and my anger will become inflamed.

Accept me as I am and you will see.
You will have no better lover than me!


Bunny Rabbits cute and fuzzy they want to love you but they have razor sharp teeth - don't piss them off!
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