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Posted: Thursday, September 09, 2010 10:31:32 AM

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Emotional Dump

So many people think the poems I write are so great.
They express all my emotions that are urgent and can’t wait.

You would think all my lines are very well though out.
And with the following I have I would have lots of clout.

But really the truth of the matter is.
My mind is a maze like a giant puzzle or a quiz.

When things build up inside me till I’m about to explode.
My form of therapy is to start writing and unload.

When people read them they worry about my state of mind.
There is really no need to I know they are just trying to be kind.

When I get in a state and in my throat is a big lump.
I write my crazy poems and have an emotional dump.

Trying to get rid of these thoughts swirling around in my head.
The words just start flowing about how my heart has bled.

Or about passion and lust that give my heart wings.
Fills me up with that heat makes me crave certain things.

Maybe about a very special sexy one.
That I’m hoping sticks around for the long run.

About relationships, depression and trying to get what you want.
Quite often all these words my mind they do haunt.

I don’t know where they come from my fingers just type.
I don’t think about it too much they are basically just hype.

It makes me feel a little better in the short run.
But what it all boils down too is that I need kinky fun!


Bunny Rabbits cute and fuzzy they want to love you but they have razor sharp teeth - don't piss them off!
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