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Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010 1:15:58 AM

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for some reason i enjoy stories a bit more when the author confesses its a true story, and hence i feel that wee should have a true story category as well. How many of you feel the same way
Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010 1:34:19 AM

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I am no one of consequence. But as I read this suggestion one thought came to mind...

Certainly not in every case but some would feel the need to share those horribly inappropriate stories. Just my opinion anyways.

Thousands of user submitted stories removed from the site. You are nothing without your users or their freely submitted stories.
Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010 7:35:59 PM

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You really think they would all be true stories, eh?

Every kind of genre imaginable?
Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010 7:41:23 PM

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Boo hoo! This one time at band camp.......laughing8
Posted: Friday, July 30, 2010 7:48:31 PM

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I agree, the first question I got on my last story was whether it was true or not which it was. In the genereal sense, it is much easier writing from the first person perspective. Of course we all do have those can of worms moments, but hopefully those are far and few between...
Posted: Sunday, August 01, 2010 8:31:20 PM

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The problem is some of my stories start out true...but then I change the endings to make them more fun
Posted: Sunday, August 01, 2010 9:17:54 PM

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I could see a True Story tag, for those who'd want to use it, but a section seems problematic to me. I suspect that a big chunk of the stories here are "Well, some of it's true, but..." type stories. I know mine are, they fall into four broad categories:

1)Entirely true- Not many, and the thing is that I'd probably never cop to it on any particular story.
2)Entirely made up- The more time goes on, the more of my stories fall straight into this category.
3)The sex is mostly real, but the situation is made up- A lot, a lot of my stories are stuff that happened within our circle of sex-positive friends back when we were in college, but I've made up a scenario where they happened with strangers because it's that much hotter and that much more fun to write.
4)The inverse of the above- The situation is/was real, but in real life nobody actually fucked. Good few here, too.

And the can of worms thing is very real, too. One of the reasons I quit posting on another story site *coughLitcough* is that stories in any of several categories get inundated with hate. This place seems free of that in my (admittedly limited) experience, but I suspect that would change real quick if an incest story was marked as real. Or a gay story, or any MMF, etc.
Posted: Sunday, August 08, 2010 2:49:34 AM

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I am sure most are more fantasy than truth...but some must be true cause they are too funny not to be....
Posted: Sunday, August 08, 2010 6:14:45 AM

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Hey, I think a true story section would be good...I've had people ask me if several of my stories are true, even some of the more bizarre...only one of mine is completely true...
Some authors do write about true events...Sue (Eastwood) tells me all hers are true...maybe why that's why she's so popular...lol...
I do agree you never really know...but then again, you really don't know what's true about anybody on the net, do you?

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