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Assisted and Voluntary Euthanasia Options · View
Posted: Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:09:00 AM

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Cue the Charleton Heston "It's PEOPLE!!!" rant from "Soylent Green".

The above was posted only half tongue in cheek. The idea of assisted euthanasia has been used many times in fiction as a form of population control. We would have to enact strict regulations governing such a practice - possibly to prevent spoiled grandkids from insisting it was their rich Granny's last wish...
Posted: Thursday, July 22, 2010 12:29:32 PM

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Dancing_Doll wrote:
Certainly this kind of thing would be set up at a specialized clinic, or a mobile unit if the patient preferred to be at home or some other peaceful or meaningful location.

hospice, i think, would be a very appropriate place. whether that be in your home or in a facility
Posted: Saturday, June 15, 2013 10:03:16 PM

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i've told my hubby if I am in a vegatative state and connected to all kinds of machines to accidently trip on the plugs!
Posted: Saturday, June 15, 2013 10:07:47 PM

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I wonder at what point in the future that the government will start to euthanize old or sickly people who become a tax drain on society.

Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2013 12:03:33 AM

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It's pretty much my plan once I realize I can't really function. I'll buy my ticket to Belgium or Netherlands once I'm ready and flip a middle finger to the insurance industry.

Fucking maggots.
Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2013 4:16:10 AM

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I agree that it is any persons right to have the choice to live or die. It's very hard to sit and see people wish for death (I was a CNA so I've seen it plenty). It would make sense that this was an option for all the sickly. A. It's no different than DNR... B. It would cost the health care industry/government millions and million less. Spending $10 of thousands of dollars a month keeping someone alive compared to one $800 pill... Sometimes insurances cover it... It makes no sense. When someone commits suicide by jumping of the building... Do they sue the owner of that building? No. It was the persons choice.

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Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2013 5:26:14 AM

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I too would not want to be artificially kept a live. Nor would I want to be in such constant pain waiting for death but being forced to wait. I have made that point abundantly clear to my family. I have seen both. I had to tell my dad he was not going to recover and will die in about a week. My ex had to make the decision to either keep her mother alive for another couple of weeks but in constant pain or relieve the pain but hasten her death.

But it would need to be only an option open to the person dieing. The government nor encouragement by government policies should play no part in the decision. It would need to be carefully monitored by the primary care doctor.

It can be a dangerous slope. If the values of a society begin to slide the consequences could be even worse.
Posted: Monday, June 24, 2013 6:15:50 PM

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Religions still have real power in governments across many countries and this will also hinder any possible advancement towards some kind of voluntary euthanasia.

I talk to my Dad and he openly discusses the probability of "doing away with himself" should his quality of life reach a level he doesn't think is satisfactory to him.

I believe everyone should have a choice in how to end their life and be able to end it in a dignified and comfortable way.
Posted: Monday, June 24, 2013 6:16:00 PM

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Gah! Damn double post thing...it's probably my crappy laptop.
Posted: Monday, June 24, 2013 7:29:13 PM

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I agree with euthanasia completely. I have had to witness both my grandma and her husband, die long and painful deaths but, who both wanted euthanasia. Neither had a disease that could be cured, my grandma with mental disabling diseases Alzheimer, and her husband with multi organ cancer. Neither of them could get the treatment due to not being able to afford the high expensive of going to Holland or other countries were you can legally end your life.

I have had this conversation with my parents a number of times, about the good and the bad of euthanasia. My mother is bipolar and has the early onset of dementia. At the right time she has put aside money etc to go over to Holland and legally end her life. Through out my family there are different views as I come from a Irish catholic family. Many discussions have been made regarding the possible new laws to allow and not allow.

When you take the extreme cases like Alzheimers, I think it is almost easy to say 'yes' allow them to end there life. But at what point is the limit made. A few people here have commented on the children having assisted euthanasia, as a mother myself, I find it difficult to imagine. But if the child has no chance of meaningful recovery would I? I don't know that anyone could say for sure what they would do. But to see a child in never-ending pain, who could say no?

I have to say, I do understand a number of governments hesitation over making it legal. There are religious and Hippocratic considerations, but I also think that the limits if there was a law would be hard to define. What can be defined a meaningful recovery? When it an illness classed 'bad' enough to allow them to legal end there life with assistance? Where is the line drawn between allowing assisted death and people suicidal that want to end there life?

A some what recent (Jan 2013) article here shows the mixed feelings about when someone has a right or reason to allow themselves to die.

It is about twins who where 45, born deaf and found they where going blind and choose to end there life together. The styling of the piece included "killed by Belgian doctors" which doesn't conjure the peaceful and wanted euthanasia that they seeked. Personally I think they had the right to choose death but, many in the comments there was mixed feelings.

"I cannot comprehend what it would be like to be both deaf and blind.
They knew what it was like to be deaf and how much their loss of sight would mean to them and they didnt want that.
I respect their choice, it is what they wanted. Who are we to question it.
I wish many other people in this world could be afforded the right to die with dignity. RIP"


"A sin agains God and the Prophet - the doctor should be jailed and the police fired.
The twins should be put into a mental hospital and never allowed to plot against each other again."

As a public we can't decided a limit so I understand why the government can't either.
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