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Why do I keep reverting back to wanting to wear panties and polishing my nails? Options · View
Posted: Friday, May 2, 2014 11:41:08 AM

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Why can't I "walk away" from wanting to wear women's panties, nylons and polishing my nails? It seems the older I get the more I am drawn to it. I'm straight, however, there are times that I think of sucking a strap-on cock or being peg by a strap on from a woman. I like soft to moderate dominance but I hate hard core and extreme feminization.

I should say that when I was **Content removed by moderator. Violates TOS.** I would dress up in girls clothes with the complete acceptance of my older sister and mother.
Posted: Friday, May 2, 2014 11:53:02 AM

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"Eddie" Izzard does and he says he's straight. He just likes the feel of them.

Maybe your "Bi?"

In any case, why worry about it? Do what feels good without hurting anyone else, walk away from the assholes who won't accept it and stay close to those who don't care. I think the quote I read was, "Those that matter don't care, those that care don't matter."

You are in charge of you, no one else in the universe. Listen, then think and make up your own mind.

Good luck.

I am always a gentleman.
Posted: Friday, May 2, 2014 1:12:25 PM

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Posted: Saturday, May 3, 2014 5:00:01 PM

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Maybe you're just a straight cross-dresser?

I wouldn't say any of what you said leads me to think you're bisexual, unless you're actually fantasizing about sex-acts with a guy. Being pegged by a woman or sucking her strap-on is more about being submissive to a woman (sexually). Guys may be interested in those activities but have no desire to be with a guy or experience those sex-acts with an actual cock. Of course, it might be the gateway to same-sex experimentation - curiosity can evolve over time, but I wouldn't worry about it - just do what feels right. :)

Posted: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 1:59:47 PM

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Why do you tend to keep reverting? That is your kink, that is what turns you on and makes you comfortable. It is simple. It is like you said. There was something about the early experience and maybe the acceptance, so for whatever reasons things stick in our minds. You will certainly not be the first man to ever enjoy doing this, and I am sure ~ for many reasons where each person is a little different.

I hope that helps some.

Also people habitualize and we form associations with things and ritualize things. It is just a tendancy and some have that stronger than others. I do not know if that is the case with you.

Posted: Thursday, May 8, 2014 6:28:09 AM

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plenty of straight guys crossdress, and fantasies about submitting to a woman by sucking her strap on or being pegged are probably common, it's a fantasy of mine for sure, and i would do almost anything to make it happen!

I was told a long time ago my mind is wired a little differently in that i see the material hiding a womans genitalia as exciting and desirable as the woman herself, nothing wrong with it in my mind.
an ex girlfriend encouraged me to wear her panties and i love how they feel and have progressed steadily to wearing more female clothes, although back then it was fun play in bed so i guess i associate dressing up with the fun i had in bed with her.
Posted: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 8:55:51 AM

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To your own self be true, follow your bliss and other such good advice. Why do you feel the need to fight it? It's all right to accept yourself as you are. Sometimes you have to be discreet; resisting the needs and efforts of others to make you conform to their preconceptions of correctness will wear down anyone, but beyond that, for yourself, it's all right to be who you are so long as you're not harming others.
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