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Question about Prologue for all you authors and writters on Lush Help!!! Options · View
Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 3:00:10 PM

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Ok so I'm doing a rough draft for a series I wanna do.But I wanna put a Prologue in the chapter 1.Now here the part where I'm confused because I never wrote a prologue before in my life,I know its a introduction,but in what way do I form it?Like do I use the prologue like a bio for each character i'm planing to use or,just for the charters that are going to be in that chapter?

I'm sorry but I know nothing about writing a prologue cause I don't understand.I'm sorry if it's stupid to ask this.lol

But all examples,advice,and teaches are welcome thank you.
Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 3:14:58 PM

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Loving, best advice I can give you about prologues is...AVOID. If you must use one, do NOT employ it to introduce characters. Best use, IMO, would be to present some action that occurred prior to the story's time and place that will have a strong impact on the action.

If you believe listing the characters is essential, then consider how Lindsey Davis does it in the 'Falco' historical mystery series set in Rome around 75 AD. In 25 words or less, she lists them in a stand-alone section prior to the story's opening.

Best of luck with your project.


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Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 3:35:02 PM

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I agree with the above advice. Perhaps you can take the time to read some of the stories on the site that have been awarded an Editor's Pick. They will give you an idea of how some of the best writers here introduce and describe their characters.

I think that many people will agree that they do not like reading what has come to be called a"laundry list" of character attributes, e.g. John was tall, dark, and handsome with washboard abs and hazel eyes. Mary was petite, brunette, had 34C breasts, narrow hips and green eyes.

You can find ways to work the description of your characters' looks and personalities within your story.

Posted: Thursday, January 16, 2014 7:32:51 AM

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A prologue is usually about scene setting, not character setting. It may be an event that happens prior to the main story that is referenced in the story (e.g. some of the Bond opening sequences) or giving some background leading into the events of the story (e.g. the scrolls at the beginning of the Star Wars movies). Characters are better established in the opening paragraphs of the story proper.

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Posted: Thursday, January 16, 2014 1:47:04 PM

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I think the advice you're getting here is good. I've never seen a prologue that deals only with characters. Usually it has to do with some aspect of a character's past, a past event, or some other sort of scene-setting. But I think you have to ask yourself if that is best done in something like a prologue. Whatever you're explaining in the prologue is really some aspect of the story, even it's 'just' backstory. I've always thought that something like that is best done better and more naturally and unobtrusively when just worked into the flow of the story.
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