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Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2010 7:48:05 AM

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Woman wrote:
She wrote:
Who I like is their right hand, they are self-confident, smart and excelllent in bed.

In my personal opinion, I generally find that the "right hand" of the men who are cocky, egotistical etc... are the alpha males and not the loud ones. In my personal life, I've discovered that the louder a person is, the more that they have a need to prove to themselves and others that they are seen/heard etc... it is the men and women who do not need to prove themselves to anyone but themselves (an a small select few for whom they are close too) that I would consider to be an alpha type personality.

For an alpha I think, has quiet strength and does not need to show it. You see the puppet, but rarely see the puppeteer who puts on the show.

To me, an alpha male is a man who is confident enough to let me continue to grow to discover who I am as well as let me take care of myself. And someone who will be there with a helping hand when I need help. SilverArdorDragon I think said it best. These men are hard to find!

Somehow I belive that we are misunderstanding each other..

We all have to admit that cultural differences are existing, so in my country and in most parts of Europe Alpha males are like Bruce Willis and we all know how loud and cocky he is. That confirms my post from before. But if you go to Africa you won't finde Bruce Willis type as a Alpha males, and if you go to Alaska you will finde there something else, right?

So, I will stay with this opinion until somebody convince me otherwise.
If you will have good arguments I don't minde changing it at all. icon_smile
Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2010 2:17:35 PM

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She wrote:
Hi everyone!
Maybe is this going to sound strangely, but I don't like alpha males. I was being tricked in the past before I lerned that is not everythig abaut to be the first lady, to me they are way too much self-absorbed and too cocky for my taste, at least I had those experiances. Who I like is their right hand, they are self-confident, smart and excelllent in bed.
Have good night people

I like your answer. Its a fine line between that confident man that makes me wet inside and weak in the knees, and the fucking asshole that makes me want to smack him lol. So fine is that line that I dont think it can be defined and the cocky asshole to one girl is the sexy Alpha guy to another.

Now Kyle I try to figure out if I am an alpha female, and I def. think I am.
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