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What's the sexiest text or email message you've ever received? Options · View
Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013 12:50:04 AM

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I once sent this email to the man I love while I was out of town on business:

"Lat night, I had a wonderful dream. You were naked beside me in bed. We were asleep in each other’s arms after making love for half the night, both of us smiling so happily as we dozed….until I woke up to see moonlight streaming through the window, casting its soft light onto your face, as your head rested next to mine on the pillow. I turned toward you and snuggled closer, feeling your body beneath the sheets. You woke up, smiled at me, drew the covers away, and gently pulled me closer to you, to love me again. I wish you were here with me, so it wasn't just a dream."

It worked! Let's just say when I got back in town, he was wonderfully and intensely passionate with me.
Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 4:52:02 PM

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A girl would put on different lingerie, take a picture of herself, and then text it to me. She must have put on almost 10 different outfits. then she me a naked pic that was unfortunately just a bit out of focus. In return I sent her a short vid of me taking care of myself and shooting my load.
Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 10:18:52 AM

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My girlfriend has sent me a variety of sexy texts over time, mostly like the ones in this forum about getting home after work and fucking her brains out. The ones I tend to save on my phone are the texts about her being naughty without me and teasing. One she sent was simple:

"I've had a good day. Sam came round earlier, literally if you get my meaning :P"

I think my favourite text that she has sent me was one about her meeting a guy from her work that she had fallen for about a year ago. I had recently found out they had sex and he cummed in her. A few days later she sent me this:

"He came round in the afternoon and it didnt take long for him to rip my clothes of my wanting body. yes he did cum in me....lots. i did try to get him to wear a condom but he says he prefers the feeling without them and likes the risk. and once he got his long hard dick in me i felt so good i didnt need convincing. i didn't want him to cum in me but i didnt have a choice and it did feel amazing and after the first shot i was begging for more"
Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 10:56:59 AM

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Not an message I got, but an short message contact with phone I had a while ago. Its translated, but I try to keep its meaning.

I write her: "I have been thinking about our last encounter"

She: "*blush* I am at work"

I: "Especially I was thinking about the look in your eyes telling me how much you wanted and craved me"

She: "Hmmm. I am really at work"

I: "And I thought about how mit felt when I was entering your pussy. How amazing it felt and how you moaned out loud."

She: "You are bad"

I: "It was incredible seeing how each thrust was making you feel better and better. How your body started squirming and how you moaned my name"

She: "Hmmmm"

I: "But the best was, when all those feeling ended up in this explosion called orgasm, when you were shaking all over. Your hands holding me tightly and giving in completely to me"

She: "Oh Gosh"

I: "I want to repeat that. Today. When are you at home?"

She: "Im up at 6pm"

You should have seen how she jumped at me when I arrived at her place.
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