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Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2013 12:27:21 PM

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I spend an increasing amount of time wearing a chastity cage under the direct supervision of my sister. ( yes,, its a long story ) My concern is that the cage of the CB3000 I wear is rather tight and very dificult to put on. Does anyone know of another device with a larger ( girth wise) cage? I actually enjoy wearing my device, but think that a larger better fitting cage would help me in wearing for extended periods. Thanks for any suggestions feel free to message me on my profile. Huggs,,Karen
Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2013 12:55:47 PM

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I don't know what the limitations are here in plugging a site. I am not affiliated with it but I use it to buy a lot of my gear for my subs. It is call JT's Stockroom. If it will let me I will post a link here to the page you would want. And you should discuss this with your sister since she is the key holder. She may have you in one that is tighter for a reason. I am not sure. http://male.stockroom.com/Chastity-C206.aspx

If you have read 50 Shades of Gray and think that you are ready to be a dom or a sub. Then you have a lot to learn.

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Posted: Saturday, February 02, 2013 1:08:17 PM

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Up to a year ago I had no idea of male chastity devices until one day my husband & I were reading blogs etc online and 2 weeks later it was delivered to our door under cover of course.
It's been just over 12 months & he wears it most everyday, not all day but I would say 85% of the time. The idea was his, not mine but I'm reaping the benefits beyond my wildest imagionation. I keep hold of both keys. One is on my office keys & one is hidden in the house. We ordered the cb6000 & it fits him well. It drives him crazy to say the least.
I learned to love the idea of havng complete control of not only his orgasm but his erections also. They are earned & does he work for them.
I have been accepted complete control of our sex play that is when, where, how, how long. In simplest terms I'm spoiled. Endless pleasure when and how I want it.
It's taken sometime to learn the up and down & ins and outs but the rewards are fantastic. I have read many blogs & comments some are extreme and some are down to earth. I don't count or keep a running tab but if I did, I have learned and now expect no less than 30 enjoyable orgasms to my husbands earned 2 maybe 4 in a good month. It works, believe me it works. Keeping him in a continous state of desire more than 10 to 14 days at a time & turning his sexual energy and thrist around into your own pleasure is not only fun, exiting but very erotic. At a certain point within those days he will do anything to earn his credit toward his release & sexual enjoyment. If only some of you women out there could find a way to introduce this concept into your relationship.
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