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Jogging everyday is dangerous? Options · View
Posted: Friday, April 20, 2012 10:17:11 PM

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Once a month does nothing for you everyday is better but use good sense
Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012 8:54:22 PM

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I general go for a jog everyday whether down the beach or on the treadmill. I know it sounds obvious but its all about the shoes. Get the proper support shoes, which is almost tailored to your feet. They lessen the impact on the road but also keep your ankles supported, and reduce the risk to your knees.
Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 12:08:36 PM

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Yep .. thats why I have never done that .. as much as I am a keep fit freak you understand.
Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 1:19:07 PM

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Actually my sister makes a living off of rehabilitating injured runners, it tears your body apart. Its the impact.
Have you ever seen a smiling runner???

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 2:01:01 PM

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As D_D previously mentioned, it puts a lot of stress on your joints. I personally, can't jog every day but I do make an effort to do something physically active for myself for at least 30 minutes a day. Being sedentary is just not acceptable for the life I live, and I love that it pushes me to reach for my next goal. 30 minutes may not seem like much, but you can do so much in that time!

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Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 8:40:22 AM

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I don't know why you would bother with running only once a month, that almost seems more dangerous, as you may try to push yourself too hard. Start slow, the couch to 5k is a good place to start. My biggest recommendations to avoid as much of the joint issues as possible is good shoes that fit your foot and style, there are stores that will actually video how you track your feet and help you find a great show based off of that, your arch, the type of running and on what surface. I also think that having had a coach for a couple years when I started running helps me out now, as I track my feet properly, and land my weight in the right place to help avoid injury. I run every other day, mostly due to time restraints to be honest, but it's probably a good idea to give yourself a break too. Hope this helps.
Posted: Monday, August 27, 2012 11:23:09 PM

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when talking about the heart then no it is not dangerous... it is healthy although over time ( and i mean a LONG time) it can cause early arthritis and pain in the legs and feet depending on how far and for how long you run, also what type of surface you run on. concrete for example is bad. sand (beach) bad but not as much.... The best surface to run on is flat and ditchless lawn or grass. Hence why athletes train on ovals. Other than that. Running tracks are good as well as it is purposely designed with running in mind.
Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 3:28:23 AM

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Jogging can be good 3-5 times a week. Try running for time instead of running for miles. I used to be very overweight and used a run/walk method to get back into shape. I now run marathons every year. Use a good training plan, listen to your body, and if you have joint pain go swimming, biking, or use the elliptical.
Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 12:25:46 AM

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I was in teh military for 20 yeqrs and our physicaal training included running almost every day. We would run between 3 and 12 miles per run. I have found that there are some inherent problems with running every day. The wear and tear on your joints seems to be the biggest one. What a lot of people seem to forget is that in order to run often with the least amount of joint damage they need to have the proper running shoes. The variety of shoes out there cater to people from the walkers to the marathoners. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need to have the proper shoes for the distance you plan to run and the condition of the route that you plan to take. There is a big difference between cross country shoes and street shoes. You also need to know if your feet pronate or supinate and get the correct shoes for you. The one thing tha a lot of people tend to forget as well is that the padding and support in your shoes breaks down the more you run. I had an orthopedic surgeon tell me that if I was planning to run more than 9 miles a week I needed to change my shoes every 3 months. I don't know if shoes have improved since than allowing you to go farther with fewer changes, so I would do a little research on the type of shoe you need and the frequency of changing that you will be needing.

A lot of people suggested treadmills of eliptical machines as an alternativewhich is fine if you are lookiing to just burn calories, but in order to improve muscle tone and strength, you really need to run outside. Another suggestion is that you either talk out loud or sing aloud as you run. This will help you improve your O2 exchange and allow you to run farther over time without burning out your legs. Thats why you always hear military units singing cadence when they run.

Posted: Friday, November 23, 2012 8:35:32 PM

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I have seen studies that state it can be hard on your joints and feet, but that probably depends on if your running on concrete/dirt/ or whatever.
Posted: Saturday, November 24, 2012 3:09:58 AM

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Running can help to restore positive mentality too, as can any physical exercise. I've had a hideous week, but three long runs have helped me remain upbeat throughout it. There's a real 'feel good' factor to be gained here, and it's free.
Posted: Saturday, November 24, 2012 12:06:40 PM

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Running itself isn't the problem. Its running properly. Running is one of the easiest and cheapest sports to get into. Mastering proper form is is much harder. Some people can naturally run properly or are just plain more resistant to injury than others but for most runners, injury is just "part of it".

Lately, people have been turning to barefoot running (or minimalist shoes) to combat the slew of injuries. After all, our ancestors didn't have any of the advanced and supposedly "injury preventing" footwear that we have today and they never had issues with it.

The commonly held belief amongst barefoot runners is that footwear gets in the way and should be done away with or minimised (shoes have little or no cushioning, flatter, etc.). The human body was, after all, built to run. Think about it, say that advances in running shoes have been taking place for some 100 years (and injuries are still pretty common)... well, the human body evolved into what it is now for tens of thousands of years.

Check out the video above. Really worth a watch.

(I may be oversimplifying... I'm no expert on this. Just passing on what I've read.)
Posted: Friday, December 14, 2012 12:47:30 PM

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I must state at the outset, I have no medical qualifications whatsoever... but

I go jogging every day between 4 and 7 miles a day. Occasionally I go further. My Mum and dad are both doctors and they know what I do. However, if you're in any doubt at all go see your GP

Danielle x

Posted: Saturday, December 15, 2012 5:08:39 AM

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Jogging on paved roads or sidewalks isn't good for you, no matter how good your shoes are. With great shoes it will only take a bit longer before you start feeling it in the knees and ankles. I even have custom made soles that I put in my shoes, but jogging fucks up my knees straight away, as long as it's on paved roads or sidewalks. Going cross country is much better if you can. The ground or grass is softer to your knees and the terrain will give you a different type of excercise where you may have to use your legs in a different way than if you were to just run on a flat road.
Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012 6:05:53 PM

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I agree once a month is pointless. I started running seriously Jan 2012 and have now completed 3 half marathons a couple of 10Ks and a bunch of 5Ks. I've done this through a local running store that has a 20 week training program. I tried pushing myself with daily runs, increasing my pace while doing it. This led to sore muscles and slowing down my progress. My first half was July 4th and I was at a 9:50 pace. Today I ran in the wind, rain and cold another half at a 9:15 pace.

Trainging and listening to your body are keys to success. Proper fitting footwear helps, I may try barefoot next year but that's a long process itself.
Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 9:34:35 PM

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I agree with so many of these pointers: good shoes (changed regularly) and stretching are key. I don't think that everyday is dangerous but it is good to liven it up with other cardio as well as weights. Even though I'm a runner, weight training truly changed my life!!!! laughing8
Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 8:42:10 AM

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I have been running regularly for the last 12 years. I used to run everyday but lately have cut back to about 4-5 days a week beacuse I just cant find the time (personally I blame Lush, LOL). At first I had a lot of problem with shin splints but found I was not stretching properly before my runs. Over time by talking with other runners I have altered my foot strike position to one that is more comfortablke for me also. Most people will naturally strike their heel first but this puts a lot of stress on the knees over time.

I like to vary where I run. Sometimes I run on street, other times on dirt trails in local parks and other times on the track at our local highschool. I was told once that varying the type of surface you run on is good but not sure if that is fact or myth. I also vary the distances. One day I may run 2 miles and the next day 4 but its usually between 2-5 miles.

Combining your running with weight training as well as other forms of cardio exercises is a great way to stay fit.

As many have already said, the most important things to be sure of is that you stretch before running (or doing any type of exercise) and that you have good running shoes that give proper support to your feet.

Happy Running!!
Posted: Monday, January 07, 2013 6:51:33 PM

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aalily wrote:
Oh please! Sex can be more strenuous than jogging, but i dont see any men worried about heart attacks when it comes to that!
Your body is made of muscle, and it can do anything you train it to do! Going for a quick jog every day would be hard at first because your body isnt used to it, but you will get used to it and then you'll love it! If anything it will strengthen your heart!

How true! Jogging (like sex) gives you endorphins, which makes you feel good about everything! I run most of the year 5-6 days a week, and I love it, I miss it when I don't do it.
Posted: Monday, January 07, 2013 8:43:51 PM

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There is no reason you shouldn't jog just don't overdo the distances involved but all round fitness and tone I would suggest swimming.

Posted: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 9:49:52 AM

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Wouldn't we all like to believe exercise will kill you? Some studies show that extreme runners develop increased risk for dying of heart related issues. Note, extreme runners, these have been a couple marathon runners and primarily ultramarathon runners who do these distances for numerous years at high intensity. Even then they believe it is only a select few that may be genetically predisposed but further research is still needed.

What is known with very good evidence, maximum benefit from exercise is achieved in the vicinity of 45-60 minutes per day of higher intensity (depending on age, sex, etc. means HR ~>120). After that it is diminished returns. Remember, the vast majority of the ones dying are doing periods of numerous hours multiple times a week and this intensity over decades.

Also, the health risk of not exercising FAR outweighs any risk of life with exercising, even at extremes. So a few select runners have died exercising, thousands of obese people in their 20's have died of heart disease and complications of their obesity induced diabetes.

There is an article in Outside Magazine the touches on some of the recent research and events, I haven't read it yet but I heard it did a decent job.
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