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Royal Nurse Commits Suicide After Prank Radio Call Options · View
Posted: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 5:26:41 PM

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Oceanic wrote:

The blame lies with the DJ's for making the stupid prank call and also the Royal Security.

Are you serious? If you're talking about the blame for the death of the nurse, then how on good Earth can that be the fault of the Royal Security? They didn't even press charges or say anything about the nurse's supposed mistake. I mean, I can understand blaming the DJ, I just put that down to emotion clouding judgment, but the Royals? I actively dislike the Royals and I commend them on their response to the honest-to-goodness mistake that any human could have made; literally nothing. They didn't ostracise her, they didn't forgive her nationally, making her feel embarrassed, guilty and indebted for her mistake, they didn't try to make it seem like a big deal in any way.
Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 3:39:52 PM

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crazydiamond wrote:

yes i agree to that, yes harsh maybe, but if the outcome was not a suicide, this would not be in the think tank NOW!
Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2012 2:33:52 AM

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Oceanic wrote:
The Royal's security should have vetted calls.....Princess Di's ex bodyguard Ken Wharf mentioned the switchboard would have been isolated under his watch and any member of the Royal family wanting to call would use a agreed number that the on duty bodyguard would have on themselves at all times.

The blame lies with the DJ's for making the stupid prank call and also the Royal Security.

I agree with you about the royal security. I remember reading about an actress in one of the soaps having to set up a password with her doctor because so many paparazzi were ringing pretending to be her, this way no sensitive information would get into the wrong hands. That was the level of interest in a soap star, everyone knows the interest in Kate is massive. It amazes me that something as basic as a password wasn't in place, nevermind any other security measures they could have put in place.
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